Straight talk from KartAide

KartAide is the world’s largest golf cart rescue service. We are owned and operated by a 25-year Village resident. Copycats come and go but KartAide has stood the test of time. KartAide has four rescue vehicles on call to serve you, day or night. And your KartAide membership includes flat tire repair.


There are no gimmicks with KartAide. Some others charge twice as much, then limit you to 3 emergency calls per year. Even with their coupons, gimmicks, and tall claims they can’t begin to match the value you get with KartAide.  If you need help with your cart, day or night, just call KartAide and one of our rescue rigs will be there shortly to help you.

KartAide helped over four thousand Villagers in 2013. Just visit our photo album pages to see all the photos of the Villagers we've helped. Our photo album shows virtually every cart made, new and old. And we respond to calls day and night, rain or shine. We have the right equipment to deliver you safely home, or to your favorite repair shop.

Golf carts were designed to be used on golf courses for a few hours at a time and then go back to the barn for recharging. Here in the Villages, we push them far beyond that. So, sometimes they run down before they make it home. If you’re going to use your golf cart like a car, you need KartAide.

Golf cart tires are one of the weak-links of golf cart design. Ordinary golf cart tires are no stronger than bicycle tires. That’s why they puncture so easily. We repaired over eight hundred flat tires in 2013. Your golf cart has no spare tire, and no jack.  KartAide will fix your repairable flat tire on the road or at your house at no additional charge.


With your tires, safety, and convenience in mind, KartAide has built a magnetic sweeper cart that cruises the Villages picking up metal road hazards. This sweeper is so popular, many Villagers actually volunteer to drive it for us to keep the streets and pathways clean and safe. That’s the kind of customer loyalty KartAide inspires. 


Please ask your friends (and tell your friends) about KartAide.

Serving the Villages exclusively since 2003.

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