Welcome to our photo gallery.
Here are but a few of our friends and neighbors
who called for service in September of 2009.
We thank them for choosing Kartaide.

Safely home, Sept 2009
Easy as 1-2-3, Sept 2009.
Home again on Sept 11th, 2009. Safely home, Sept 2009
Home from Golfing Towing a cart to the repair shop, Sept 2009.
A nighttime call, Sept 2009. Back from the course, Sept 2009.
We'll even rescue your dog! Sept09 Another nighttime call, Sept 2009.
Big dogs too! Sept 09 Home the E-Z way, Sept 2009
I would have won. No, I would have won. Home quickly and safely with Kartaide. Sept09
Returned safely, Sept 2009. Cart recovered from Truman Golf Course. 09-26-09
Off with it's head, Sept 2009. Safely home, Sept 2009
Small cart on the big trailer, Sept 2009.
Big cart on the big trailer, Sept 2009.

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